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    Thesis Semester - Program and Mid-Crit Presentation

    By Stephanie
    Mar 18, '11 4:36 AM EST

    I haven't posted since the end of last semester, and that's because I've been focused on my thesis.

    From mid-January I prepared preliminary research and analysis for my thesis, and handed in a written program for approval in February. My program was approved with no changes :)

    So, for the past 5 weeks or so, I've been getting on with it. Today is our first mid-term critique. We'll have one more at the end of April, and then we hand in on May 24. It's a short time to do a thesis, but we have no other classes at all so we can focus solely on our projects. It is a really nice way to work.


    Open publication - Free publishing - More architecture

    Presentation for today:

    Open publication - Free publishing - More city lakes

    I'll post again before the next critique, with an update on my work.

    Hope all is well on everyone's projects :)

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    • Daniel Childs

      Checked out your posts over the last few weeks. I can sympathize with some of your frustration. That said, your project seems incredibly well articulated and thought through. Even though you have not yet 'designed' a solution to the integration of ecological and urban systems, one is easily able to see where you are headed and how these schematic representations could lead into a very rich and multifaceted project.

      I found reading your posts very engaging and wonder if maybe you had a different experience this term seeing you have no other classes? Are you getting better access to the professors? I was also curious as to how you laid out your transition from the program to the presentation. There seems to be quite a bit more there, and while I didn't read the whole presentation, can imagine it incorporated a bit more explanation than the program.

      Looks awesome, can't wait to see what you come up with next!


      Mar 24, 11 2:09 pm  · 

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