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    Tangram + Crazy Danes

    By Stephanie
    Jan 16, '10 6:51 AM EST

    After re-reading my previous entry, I felt like I misrepresented Copenhagen. I should be more specific: Copenhagen is a great city and it has some pretty sound environmental policies. But it is overhyped to a high degree, and that can lead to disappointment. It's also hard, when you're a student, not to look at things with a critical view, since we're constantly studying the city we live in and comparing it with others.

    This past week we worked on developing roof-type structures with the proportions of a tangram. From all the models we made at half-scale, we are to choose one to build full-scale (that being, within the confines of a 42x42x42cm cube).

    Some photographs:

    I can't say a whole lot about the workshop, since we mainly worked on our own and I'm still not exactly sure why we did this... but hey, I'm getting credit for it.

    Everyone's talking about the sub-arctic weather in Europe. To which I say: -5C is not subarctic, people, put away your fur coats.

    But I guess it can be shocking if you're not used to it. Anyways, I'm in no hurry to skate on thin ice, but lots of people are willing to risk it...

    Ice flow in the harbor:

    With the 'cold' weather comes some much-needed sunshine. The countryside around Copenhagen is quite beautiful, and there are some great places for tobogganing.

    We should be getting the introduction to our new semester this coming week, along with news about potential visits to some design shows. Exciting!

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      The only crazy Danes I know about is Claire. 

      Jul 31, 15 10:06 pm  · 

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