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    Another week, another site model

    By Stephanie
    Sep 17, '10 10:45 AM EST

    This week we had another site model assignment. Since our plaster pour turned into a disaster... (still not dry, now some interesting shades of mould have taken over), we decided to cut the damn thing outta foam. So much for learning about casting. *sigh*

    Still, once you've put in a lot of effort to something (site model) and you return the next week, the last thing you want to hear is 'do ANOTHER site model.' Especially when no one is around to explain exactly what sort of information this new site model is supposed to bring to the table.

    All grumbling aside, we had a really great lecture from Ulrik Neilsen from Jan Gehl Architects. What I like about the Jan Gehl approach is its straightforward, pragmatic realism when it comes to urban situations. But it is in a way pretty sad that the obvious things need to be pointed out. I asked at the end of the lecture why he thought that there needed to be a practice dedicated to consulting about things which are so obvious, and he said it's mostly because architects and designers don't think twice about people in their designs.

    That brings me to why I like my department here. It is almost solely focused on making design decisions based on the human scale. It's not about singular concepts for singular buildings. There is literally zero room for the architect's ego in this department. If it is not practical and easily implementable, why bother?

    I see that there is a place, a special realm for experimental thoughts about architecture. But we have so many real time problems to face when designing anything, and these designs have to perform in a way that is sensitive to the land and the people who will use it... that it's hard for me to understand the proliferation of what I see as largely pointless architectural 'statements' dotting the cityscapes.

    'Architecture in the round' is basically dead to me. The details and concepts of a good architectural experience are so complex that I highly doubt they can be summed up in a single monumental phrase like 'I was inspired by a magpie's nest' (real world example). And I hate that many architects pander to other architects instead of relating their work to regular people.

    That's really all the complaining I need to do for now, no pics this week but we are going on an excursion to Utzon's church up north of the city next week. It's supposed to be quite the thing.

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    • Lian Chikako Chang

      Hm, my version of that one is "another day, another piece of software to 'learn,'" an observation which must then be followed by "FML."

      Sep 27, 10 7:39 am  · 

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