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    Final Year/School Zen

    By Stephanie
    Aug 15, '10 7:03 AM EST

    2 weeks until university begins again, and it will be my last year. That's a really strange thought--I've been so used to having school in my life the last 6 years, there is so much I take for granted. I guess it's like that in any routine.

    I have to admit that last semester was a bit disastrous. The semesters are long here, and no one is out there forcing you to be at school. It was easy for me to 'work from home', which I did happily for a while. But I've decided that while it's great to have freedom, it's also important to have scheduled time and weekly goals so that the days don't end up running into each other with not much to show for it.

    In the end I was pretty satisfied with my work, but not the way I got there. So I've decided that this year, my final year, it's going to be the best year ever. Actually I've decided this in partnership with one of my classmates. I've never run my school year on my own--in my bachelor life was largely dictated by a very tightly scheduled year of classes and studios, with due dates every week.

    Not so much in Masters. We have our design projects with some vague idea of midterm/final crits. But aside from that, it's unscheduled time and I didn't realize how easy it is to let that time slip by when nothing is demanding it.


    Part of this new approach is going to include updating this blog at least twice a month, and hopefully every week.

    I'm going to end with some images of the chair I built last semester. I learned to steam-bend and fire-bend Spanish Cane (rattan). I'm pretty proud of the result, though I could tell my instructors were disappointed with the traditional aesthetic. The project was a chair for the elderly, and while I had a whole list of aspirations of what this chair was going to do, in the end I'm just happy that it could hold weight. It's unbelievably difficult to design and build a chair.






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    • ha. is there room in your partnership for a third member?

      again, these photos are great and the chair too. i like how the arms/rockers cross in the back to make an infinity symbol.

      Aug 17, 10 1:45 pm  · 

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