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    KA delusions!

    By Stephanie
    Dec 5, '10 4:11 AM EST

    It's hard to imagine what kind of onions you'd need as an 'instructor' here, to compare this school with Harvard GSD. It appears that they want the students to emulate the dedication and work ethic of the GSD students, without putting in anything themselves.

    Tell what you think this is worth:

    1. No project outline, vague expectations
    2. Three weeks at the beginning of term without seeing any instructors. No full-time instructors.
    3. approximately 1.5 hours of desk crit per student in the entire period prior to the midterm review (Sept. 1 - Nov. 19)
    4. No lectures, not even a school organized lecture series.
    5. No workshops, seminars, assigned readings, or other relevant/helpful material.
    6. No guest critics
    7. No understanding or recognition of the schedule of our other classes
    8. Constant scheduling conflicts, especially for thesis students
    9. No study trips or field trips or studio trips to see buildings, public spaces, architects, offices... nothing.

    10. No instructors who care, even a little bit, about your success.

    It's funny, isn't it! Really! But it's not surprising really. Denmark is full of delusional people, why should architecture school be any different?


    • Stephanie - that sounds so sad. I really hope that you are painting a darker picture than is actually there. I found however that as a students you also have to effect change - what do you want the school to be, demand more. And look to see what you can create yourself - call up a few architects invite them to speak or be a guest critic... it could just work

      Dec 5, 10 11:42 pm  · 

      Oh God that sucks. I have friends at the GSD that say that's the only school that they think is up to the GSD standards. It seems that that is not the case. They should revamp that program or get rid of it altogether. I honestly would be really pissed to have a semester gone down the drain like that.

      Dec 7, 10 4:34 pm  · 

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