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    Midterm Review update!

    By george
    Oct 22, '09 5:39 PM EST

    Man its been a while.
    I think its a symptom of the intensity of this school.
    I'm taking the day after midterm review to catch up on my life including this venue.
    In brief, I love it here.

    The history discussions are great, the atmosphere is critical (Ryan Lovett, fellow archinect blogger is a testament to this) and Mark Wigley is correct in saying the reason we're going here is not for the professors but for our peers. At the orientation he mentioned how we would all be jealous of each other because everyone has something to contribute and I wholeheartedly agree.

    I have Phillip Parker as my studio crit which means I have or rather will be obsessive about lines by the end of this semester.
    So far we've had 3 projects to date, and will be starting on the last project next week, whose progress i will try to catalogue by means of youtube videos (part of the new GSAPP CLIPS section of the school's website) and will maintain a somewhat seperate vlog here as a collective studio.

    The remainder of this post will be my final images for each project along with a brief summary of what the project was about. I should preface by saying that all these are loose expectations.

    Brief 1: ICE
    Turn 1.5 L of water into ice.
    Draw at a suggested 30 min intervals the melting of the ice. Register time through drawing.


    Brief II: BACKPACK
    1. Through the use of section, design a water carrying device able to purify and carry 1 gal of liquid.
    2. Through the use of Plan map the trajectory from the source of the water to the place of delivery.



    Brief III: Cell
    Using section and plan together, design a working environment of minimal size for a climatologist whose job is to measure climatic data and constantly update a global database from a given urban location.


    Here are a couple of videos from the new GSAPP CLIPS project at the school.


    • Sbeth85

      I think yours was the 1st-year studio I visited when I was at GSAPP last month... I loved the fact that you guys had a product-design project integrated into an architecture studio. Beautiful diagrams, look forward to following your progress.

      Oct 23, 09 2:43 am

      interesting stuff, nice drawings esp. the melting ice. only wondering how much the limitations of adobe illustrator dictate the design and where you take control as a designer.

      Oct 23, 09 4:03 am

      Thanks Sbeth85!
      Randomized: I would say that illustrator doesn't dictate my designs in so far as that I use it purely as a means to present the process. The drawings themselves could have been done by hand right? So its really a matter of expediency. Would I have "discovered" different things by drawing by hand? Sure. But I don't think I would have been at a level where the discussion, at least for midterm, was. For the last project, the best criticism I received was my lack of hierarchy and rigor with the lines extracted from the temperature analysis. My sections became monotonous and instead of labeling things in a glib way I should have draw the difference in thickness that would have shown that. Long story short, illustrator, for me anyways, is just a tool like my hands are. But I agree, it could easily become a way of dictating the design.

      Oct 23, 09 8:30 am

      I think what randomizer is more asking, is that not so much that it is a tool, but it has a certain set of instruments and conventions of drawing inside of it that are removed from other ways of working, i.e. autocad or by hand. For example when working in hand, there are traces left over of previous iterations, ideas, etc, while in illustrator its always about making the final product.

      I dont think we are suggesting it would have been "better" to do it by hand, but its interesting to think about, especially when its a time based thing. The hand allows for an immediacy that when drawing by illustrator is removed.

      Either way, your ice drawing is really beautiful as are the other drawings, much more interesting then when i did it two years ago! Who is your professor? I am in third year, it would be cool to meet each other.

      Oct 23, 09 9:20 pm

      Oops, just saw you said you had Phil for studio. No wonder the drawings are so intense! He really pushes that aspect of representation.

      Oct 23, 09 9:22 pm

      I meant to be aware of the possibilities and limitations of the tools you're using, which reminds me of constraints. Once had a lecture by Enrique Walker about his class at Columbia University dealing with constraints, very inspiring.

      Oct 24, 09 8:49 am
      John-Roe Luna

      More 'tube's, please. Fun stuff.

      Oct 26, 09 5:39 pm


      Dec 5, 09 7:35 am


      Dec 5, 09 7:35 am

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