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    Summer Prologue Part. 1

    By george
    Jun 5, '09 1:02 PM EST

    Greetings Archinect!

    This first post is just a way for me to get used to the system.

    (I should preface everything by saying that I tend to write what I think, very "train-of-thought".)

    On to the Prologue:

    There are at least three anxieties I noticed that occur before grad school.

    1. Taking the GRE, completing the portfolio and all the requisites for application.
    2. Waiting for responses from the schools.
    3. Waiting for school to start.

    Considering this, I've been high strung for about a year. Haha.

    Something interesting suggested by a friend, Andy Chavez, is that I use this platform to address what it is like to transition from a major sprawled out metropolis like Miami to the density of New York City. The comparison of both might be approached by means of images and a compilation of mental notes as a long term project. If it sounds good, let me know!

    This blog will also act as a repository of things I find and see both online and in the city. I was initially thinking of opening another blog that would run parallel to this one but it seems better to just give this blog the full measure of my interest(s).

    Keep an eye out for some Nabokov-ian fun.




    • AP

      Sounds great. Looking forward to it George.

      Jun 6, 09 11:37 pm

      just make sure to post lots of pics

      Jun 7, 09 11:51 pm

      This person clearly has no idea where he/she posted. Nobody here wants Gucci shoes or Louis Vuitton handbags, considering the recession.

      Jun 10, 09 11:34 pm

      Looking forward to hearing from you George

      Jun 26, 09 1:44 pm

      so, curious... how did you become a school blog blogger... request from archinect? from the school? you sought it out?

      a curious kiddo.

      Jul 6, 09 10:41 pm

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