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  • It's getting intense.

    By george
    Dec 4, '09 6:22 AM EST

    Finals are Dec. 7, 8 and Jeffrey Johnson's studio is have theirs on the 11th. My studio will be having their crit on the 8th in 200 Buell. If you're in town feel free to stop by. After reviews I should be posting some videos and images. Just learned after effects so it might actually be nicely presented in video format. All of other classes are basically on hold after the 8th, in which we have 10 days to produce for three different finals, including papers, detail models for Architectural Technology and animations for Architectural Drawing and Represention. It doesn't end.

    To all my fellow archinectors who are currently in the grind or approaching it Good Luck and as the legendary President Thomas Whitmore said once just when the world was at the brink of destruction, "We will not go quietly into the night!" We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive!". Don't light the cigar until the fat lady sings.


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  • Midterm Review update!

    By george
    Oct 22, '09 5:39 PM EST

    Man its been a while. I think its a symptom of the intensity of this school. I'm taking the day after midterm review to catch up on my life including this venue. In brief, I love it here. The history discussions are great, the atmosphere is critical (Ryan Lovett, fellow archinect blogger is a... View full entry

  • Settled like sand at the bottom of a riverbed.

    By george
    Aug 19, '09 11:20 PM EST

    New York City. I've been stuck somewhere in between the Classon Ave stop on the G train in Brooklyn and the 125th St. stop on the 1 train in Manhattan these past couple of weeks. Been moved in. Books have been placed on shelves. Clothes has been worn and laundered. And it has been hot as balls. I... View full entry

  • Summer Prologue Part II

    By george
    Jun 28, '09 9:14 PM EST

    Where to begin? Since my last post I worked with a local Miami firm, BEA, on a small mock-up model (1/4"). While there, I met one of the partners named Gus who graduated from Columbia in the 90's. It was a nice long chat about the nature of the profession and GSAPP back then and now, BIM, and his... View full entry

  • Summer Prologue Part. 1

    By george
    Jun 5, '09 1:02 PM EST

    Greetings Archinect! This first post is just a way for me to get used to the system. (I should preface everything by saying that I tend to write what I think, very "train-of-thought".) On to the Prologue: There are at least three anxieties I noticed that occur before grad school. 1. Taking the... View full entry

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