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    Settled like sand at the bottom of a riverbed.

    By george
    Aug 19, '09 11:20 PM EST

    New York City.

    I've been stuck somewhere in between the Classon Ave stop on the G train in Brooklyn and the 125th St. stop on the 1 train in Manhattan these past couple of weeks.

    Been moved in.
    Books have been placed on shelves.
    Clothes has been worn and laundered.
    And it has been hot as balls.
    I bought a meager fan.
    I take 3-5 showers a day.

    some highlights:
    I visited the Highline which though not completed, stands to be one of the best experiences in this city. Diller, Scofidio, and Renfro just know what their doing and they do it well. It's interesting to see the Highline in comparison to the Lincoln Center and be able to notice some of their clever design nuances. Their fixation with "performance" or "audience" is visible in the way they devise spaces that do just that, either allow users to either be the audience or the performers. In the High Line, the street becomes the performer.


    In the Lincoln center, the building, with seating turned away from the street.


    The other half of our "office" arrived yesterday, Adrian, who'll be attending Pratt for graduate Architecture. It should be interesting in terms of what we both stand to gain from each other's experience. This somewhat ties in some ideas I've had about our close circle of friends who graduated from from FIU's undergraduate program. We're all gonna be learning about each other's work in completely different schools although in relatively close proximity. Or at least I hope.

    I have a friend, Glen, going to Harvard.
    Pancho is going to Yale for a MS in Architecture.
    Another Adrian is going to Princeton
    And our friend Ivan is going to SCI-Arc.

    I have to say its really exciting. Not just in terms of what I'll be learning at GSAPP but also from the kind of cross-pollination you can get from peers in other schools. And really, the internet is to blame for this hope. And why not?

    Since around Design 2 in Freshman year I've been near obsessive about GSAPP. I would read all the descriptions of all the classes on their website and try to see if I could produce work at that level in my classes. It was a love-affair that only the internet could facilitate. A lot of this is hyperbole of course, but exaggeratedly true!

    But anyway, this tangent is just something thats been in the back of my mind.

    Another thing I should note is that the Lecture Series poster for FIU was finalized and here it is.
    Comments always welcome and though I can't correct them, I will keep a note of it.

    (For a more detailed view go to under FIU posters)

    Well school should start in a couple of weeks. So I'll keep you posted on that as well. Take care!


    • b3tadine[sutures]

      3-5 showers? d00d, save some agua, nyc does not have an endless supply...

      Aug 20, 09 8:48 am

      A lot of it was exaggerated. But it usually consists of turning on the water really cold, jumping in and jumping out. So not much water is lost. But yeah I'm no criminal.

      Aug 20, 09 10:57 am

      field operations, not ds+r is responsible for most of the highline.

      Aug 20, 09 4:42 pm


      Aug 20, 09 10:40 pm

      cowerd: I apologize for my error. I'm a big fan of Corner's and should have credited Field Operations along with the ds+r. However, I'm sure that ds+r had some input and the moment I called out above seems like theirs. I might be wrong, but the relation between that part and a lot of their other projects is rather strong to safely assume. Right?

      Aug 21, 09 1:53 am

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