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    Rule #7: Reviews will go on as long as they have to [week something]

    Samuel Mortimer
    Sep 29, '09 2:20 PM EST

    Just got out of our first formal review with Professor Mateo.

    Maybe it is just me, but spending literally the entire day (8 hours) to talk about schematic programming of every project in the class just doesn't seem like a good use of time.

    I see the point in participating in/ watching the review of other people's work as well (because everyone usually runs into the same problems usually). But for 8 hours? Is this like a standard European thing or something? Everyone else seemed relatively unphased by an entire day of program placement.

    It was really odd the beginning of the review (maybe this is a european thing too). We came in and no one knew anything about what to do, etc- so we were just all standing around. One of the assistant came down from the offices above our studio and put up a schedule and told the first two groups to pin up. We did. Then we stood around for a while. Then we started to mull over to the pin up wall. Then the assistants all came down and everyone starting getting quiet, etc. Then we waited. Just sitting. Then Professor Mateo came down and I really had the feeling like we should be clapping or something. Then the review started and it felt relatively natural.

    Ok- not completely. There wasn't a lot of discussion I felt like (how could there not be in 8 hours!?) and was mostly one way criticism. And no one from the class said a word during other students reviews. At UT we present for 2-5 minutes (depending on the scope of the project) then pretty much field questions and just talk with the critics the rest of the time. And at least a few people speak up during the review.

    Just observations. Overall it went well. Need to put some more thought in my "situation plan". (aka, site plan. this makes sense I guess- just never heard it before.)

    I got into that video class, did the 4 day workshop- and now the class is over. Very long weekend of filming, editing, reviewing, etc. My thursdays are now free every other week. Woot.

    Ok, that's all. I haven't been hiking in like 3 weeks. I am getting antsy. Going next weekend for sure. This weekend hopefully at least a day.

    And afterward i'll make architecture.


    • Stephanie

      What I dislike about the 8 hour crits is not so much the 'I love the sound of my own voice' instructors, but that there is always a group of students who act like the whole thing was fascinatingly inspirational, and if you don't agree that it was equivalent to watching The Sermon on the Mount, you're some kind of freak.

      I think it's best to do the selfish thing. As soon as my crit is done, I just walk out. At this point I'm probably smart enough to glean whatever instructional tidbits there were on my own after a 15-minute nap. Now THAT'S time well spent!


      Oct 2, 09 7:07 am

      I studied in Professor Mateo's studio last year while on exchange from Scotland, just reading a little bit of your blog brings it all back . . . reviews every two weeks, never-ending model making and photoshop rendering . . . the joys :)

      Who is your assistant? Mine was Florian . . . oh how I loved the eighties pornstar mustache, he he.

      Oct 30, 09 8:08 am

      Hi Stephanie (Scottish Stephanie-- although hi just the same to Copenhagen Stephanie)

      I have Daniel for my assistant, I don't think Florian is helping with the studio this semester. (Though I just looked up a photograph and couldn't agree more about the mustache.)

      Did Mateo ever say single German word in your studio? I haven't heard one yet-- just as well because I don't speak the language very well.

      Oct 30, 09 9:21 am

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