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    MT. Pilatus, Studio, kuhl und sonnig Wetter [week 3]

    Samuel Mortimer
    Sep 7, '09 11:49 AM EST

    Hoi. (look i speak swiss german)

    Two weeks of German class just about finished. It is hard to make an honest/ accurate assessment about where I stand now vs. where I stood before 60 hours of classroom time, but I feel at least a lot more comfortable speaking and not worrying so much about making mistakes. It sure doesn't make it any easier when everyone here speaks english (for the most part - especially if you are under the age of 30).

    Real classes start next week and I am looking forward to getting into my design coursework. I haven't finalized my schedule yet, but can confirm I will be in the Josep Louis Mateo studio for this semester. Got an email today telling me to bring portfolio and CV to the first day of class.

    CV: check.
    Portfolio: not check.

    Seems one of my tasks that never was completed/started from this summer has caught up with me. I am only supposed to bring three A4 sheets though, so it would seem it's not a full-on presentation, thankfully. I can pull something together in a night or day or weekend or starting right now or so.

    The weather here is pretty wonderful right now. It's in the 40s every morning, then gets up to high 70s during the day. Sun, sun, sunny. Very nice.

    Did I mention I got my bike working? Finally got my derailleur i ordered from EBAY and installed it surprisingly problem free. The bike is a early 90s Giant with carbon tubes, shimano RSX group (pre105, it's OKAY), nice deep rims, climbs well, pretty quick-- I like it. Payed $70 (CHF is more or less $). Invested $70 in parts (derailleur, tubes, tires). Pretty good deal. Don't know if I will fall in love with it enough to pay another 100 to bring it home to the states, but we'll see. It's not much of a looker, but it's a good bike.

    In other news, yesterday I climbed an enormous mountain. (on foot, not bike.) Pictures posted in a new Picasa album below. Quite an amazing view from the top. Smokey mountains....psssh. Just kidding.

    Moving out of my flat in about 10 days. Found a new place. Not quite the same character, but only 1km from the arch campus. Nice.

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