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Aug '09 - Dec '09

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    Ich wandere in die Alpen Berge. [week 2]

    Samuel Mortimer
    Aug 30, '09 6:30 PM EST

    -Preregistered for Josep Lluís Mateo's studio. [Real] classes start in two weeks.

    -Started my language course on Wednesday. It's going OKAY. I can't really understand what is going on most of the time (because the instruction is entirely in German) but I can do all the work. So I guess that's a good thing[ish]. The class last 6 hours a day. yikes.

    -Meeting lots of people in language class. It's nice that everyone doesn't know anyone-- easy to make friends.

    -Still looking for a place to live after I move out of where I am in 3 weeks. I have probably sent out literally 100 interests notes. Not even kidding.

    -Finally did some laundry. Whew-- what a relief. Hung out all my clothes on the line to dry and it was pretty satisfying. They have a kind of stiff feel when I took them off (pants at least) but I don't really care. My pants are all shot/stained/have holes/excessively worn anyway.

    -Went hiking today in Engelberg. (Switzerland) Absolutely amazing. It's about a 2 hour train ride from here. (With a transfer in Luzern.) Was gone the majority of the day. When I download my next set of photos I will post.

    -Speaking of photos, I am posting them and sketches here: Picasa
    -and videos here: YouTube



    • ichweiB

      Are studios in German or in English? I went to school in Vienna, but luckily all the studios were taught in English. I didn't take a language course, but picked up my German from all the students. I assume the same will be for you eventually.


      Aug 31, 09 10:33 am

      Courses are offered in English and in German-- however I will only be signing up for English language courses (which there are few of).

      I haven't completely dismissed taking a course in German, but it would have to be very strongly design/graphic based. (Rather than lecture, reading, etc.)

      I agree though-- I am definitely starting to pick up on the German. The language course, albeit very long, is very useful.

      Aug 31, 09 11:34 am

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