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Aug '09 - Dec '09

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    Days 1-7

    Samuel Mortimer
    Aug 20, '09 11:25 AM EST

    I will keep this short because I am paying for my internet in a hostel and it's easier/more fun.

    -Got here 1 week ago

    -Weather is hot, but the Swiss are very excited about it. This is just another hot, sweaty day in Tennessee.

    -I'm living in a hostel right now, which is expensive and difficult because I can't unpack

    -My first night here I almost gave a dying man CPR outside a McDonalds at 5am. It was scary, but felt good to know I didn't freeze up)

    -Housing is very difficult to find. People with open rooms have these open-houses and everyone (10-30 people) meets and greets, then several days later the flatmates choose who they liked the best. It's like reality TV.

    -My language course starts this monday. (Ich spreche nur ein bischen Deutsch.)

    -Architecture classes start in September

    -There are only two studios in English, can't remember them off the top of my head. Next post....

    -Bikes are expensive, but everywhere! It's wonderful. I might purchase one this weekend.

    -I'll post photos/sketches/media whenever I unpack the bag with cables in it.


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    • iheartbooks

      I didn't know housing was so hard to come by there. Thanks for keeping us posted on your progress and transition to Zurich. I love the city, and would someday love to attend the ETH.

      Funny story. On my first day there, one of my friends was asked something in German by a local, and he looked her dead in the face and in all seriousness with a bit of outrage in his voice said, "I don't speak Deutsch." She just rolled her eyes and walked away.

      Good luck, and keep the posts coming.


      Aug 21, 09 8:46 am

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