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Aug '09 - Dec '09

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    Samuel Mortimer
    Oct 27, '09 1:01 PM EST


    -Barcelona was great. Posted photos online. Sketches are better, but i haven't scanned them yet. Of course I didn't get to see everything I wanted, but that is just the way it works, right?

    -People everywhere in Barcelona wear white glasses. In my [not so important] opinion, white glasses look good on only one person: Karim Rashid. On everyone else they look bad. (And as a sidenote, Karim designed his own white glass-- one more reason he is allowed to wear them.)


    -Midterm review in 1 week. Lots to do. Footprint and sections pretty much set. Still a bit of tweeking necessary, some beginning thoughts about detailing. Renderings. I could use some renderings.

    -Oh yes, my computer is about to die. I have had the blue screen of death 3 times in the past 5 days. And don't even give me the Apple talk, because I don't want to hear it. PC for life. 4.5 years of architecture school simply takes its toll. How long did my fellow archinects notebook computers last from architecture school? I think 4.5 years is pretty good.


    -Switzerland's daylight savings switch is a week earlier than in the US. But just like in the US, it is depressing to get out of studio in the dark. Especially when you went in and it was still morning.

    -Finally made it to the jungfrau region this weekend. Absolutely unbelievable. That's the north face of the Eiger, aka: Mordwand. Or "murder wall" in English. More photos posted on picasa.


    -People in Zurich are always exercising and running at night. The other day I saw a guy running at 11pm, 50 degrees outside, and raining. Good for him, I hope he was enjoying himself because that seems miserable.

    -That's all.


    • jvyvj

      blue screen of death huh, thats the worst!

      Oct 28, 09 8:36 pm

      I studied at the ETH in Zurich last year and found that everyone is incredibly health conscious, put me and my fellow Scottish exchange students to shame!! He he :)

      Oct 30, 09 8:01 am

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