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    Swiss Bank Accounts. A Flat. Luzern. (Week 1.5)

    Samuel Mortimer
    Aug 24, '09 11:42 AM EST

    Another short update because school hasn^t really started yet and everything is kind of happening in bullets/ to do lists anyway.

    -I have a flat to live in! I can only stay for a month however. it is quite nice- will post a photo or two later. I have a place lined up for when i have to move out already too- going to check it out this afternoon.

    -Spent a day in Luzern this weekend. Calatrava. Nouvel. Medieval bridges. etc. Sketches below. Photos to come.

    -Opened up a Swiss bank account today. Wire your money to my numbered account and I will hide it from the IRS for you. I opened with Post Finance (a division of Swiss Post) and I am interested to know more about how they operate. Imagine if USPS had a national private and buisness banking division.

    -German class starts wednesday

    -Still having problems pre-registering for studio professor. I can`t get the woman who oversees mobilty students to email me back, and she wasn`t in her office today either. We`ll see what happens - I don`t have much of a choice though, which makes things simpler. (Must be in English.)

    -I was wondering around the Architektur building today (HIL - Hönngerberg Campus) and they had these enormous (15 ft long?) rebar models showing what the inside of these large concrete pours actually consists of. I have never worked construction or anything of the sort- so it was pretty interesting to visually see and understand.

    -Going to see Inglorious Bastards tonight.

    -Speaking of movies- The Weather Underground documenty is playing this Thursday at this free theater by the lake. Should be interesting.

    ok, that`s it I think. Luzern Sketches below. Turn your head sideways if you need to. Look for the full sketchbook on my website later on:











    • nice sketches and that Weather Underground doco is quite good saw it a few years back...

      Aug 24, 09 12:03 pm

      at least you have the correct sketchbook. nice sketches though.

      Aug 25, 09 4:16 am
      Joshi Pooja

      Nice one dude. I really like them all

      for some days i heard about swiss bank conversation with govt of india for the a/c of indians but they are not giving any details. There are some policies of the bank thats why they are not giving details.

      I read Secrets of Swiss Banking: An Owner's Manual to Quietly Building a Fortune book which one really great.

      Thanks for your nice post:)

      Aug 25, 09 7:45 am

      Ahhhhhhh, sketches. I will always love looking at other's sketches. Thank you for posting.

      Aug 25, 09 11:38 pm

      Nice. There's some really interesting work coming out of the ETH (Brick-Laying robot, Procedural Cities). Keep us posted.

      Aug 28, 09 8:06 am

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