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    It's over.

    By TK. B
    Jun 12, '09 10:08 AM EST

    I finished presenting for my final review literally ten minutes ago. Literally, I just sat down and started blogging.

    I have to say this semester has been a more than a little bizarre just in the way it's set up, though I guess it's just my non-French self trying to figure out how studio works here.

    We spent an enormous amount of time doing "research" about the site or about various subjects related (maybe) to the site. Normally I'm used to the studio being a lot more directed (not that I like that) but for the project here everyone developed their own program, scale, and project that has absoultely nothing to do with anyone else's project.

    For me, this meant a multi-modal platform primarily featuring a system of transit I'm dubbing as a derivative of Personal Rapid Transit, though I really hate to do that as PRT people in the States are generally wackjobs, kind of the second cousin of New Urbanists. But luckily in France, that term doesn't mean much so I can get away with it.

    The most interesting part about the way we worked was that I developed a problematique and a independent solution on the site that was purposefully generic in nature. The idea in the end was to adapt that system to the one of the more programmatically-based projects. So my multi-modal station was kind of a model that adapted to the parameters of a large built project on the site from another student.

    So voila, quelques images:







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