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    By TK. B
    May 15, '09 5:35 AM EST

    We had a small rendu today for this past two weeks of work. These are just a few images I presented, however most of the work was in models. Unfortunately my camera (like every other piece of technology around me, it seems) is on the fritz. In fact, I just came back from a harddrive failure and replacement and of course the fun weekend of reinstalling everything again. Still missing some things unfortunately, not to mention I can't seem to retrieve my bookmarks, majorly lame. Anyway...


    • I had a drive crash and lost tons of stuff a few years ago. Papers from grad school, music, bookmarks et al.
      No I back up everything on a portable harddrive, Google docs and you can even back up bookmarks (to a drive) using Firefox. I thought about signing up for delicious but couldn't be bothered to start a whole new web 2.0 account..

      May 15, 09 8:13 am

      That first image, of the train, automobile and bus, reminds me of some work I did over the winter. We compared the numbers for those three systems, including the number of vehicles and people moved by each, just like you have.

      It was a hell of a time getting good, unbiased numbers. I learned that transportation is incredibly political.

      May 15, 09 2:01 pm

      Boooooring... seen that exact same thing so many times since the early 90's...

      May 19, 09 4:44 pm

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