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    Condolences to a friend and a bit of bad weather

    By Alackrity
    Nov 10, '08 6:47 PM EST

    Quite unexpectedly I've ended up seriously bed ridden. Its come on the back of wind and rain. For the first time in my life I can see a flock of several hundred crows outside my window and its just putting me off my coffee as I am remembering that poem by Poe.

    A dear friend of mine has also lost her father this week. The only reason I mention it here is the fact that he was an architect.

    The first time we met was at a restaurant bar in Las Vegas. He pointed to the elbow rail running the length of the bar, the wood one that all drinkers and bartenders know for the useful way it provides a place to lean without forcing you to set your elbows on the wet bartop.

    "I designed that" he told me.

    Not sure what he was referring to I said "what?"

    "the elbow rail, I designed that at my first position in an architecture firm, in New York." I think he said it was for the Ritz but i've forgotten which hotel exactly.

    Anway, here's to the details mate, godspeed.

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