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    By Alackrity
    Oct 15, '08 2:09 PM EST

    Our first project is a complex site located in the wealthy coastal enclave of La Jolla, CA., 15 minutes north of the studios. There is a client seeking ideas for its future and they have agreed to let us tromp around in their flower beds in the name of architecture.

    Our rather large class of 65 has been broken up into research teams for the exploratory and data gathering portion of this project, after which we will each make use of the data and site models to develop our own projects.

    Studio group is headed by Chuck Crawford who graduated the GSD and has worked with Zaha, Safdie+Rabines, ect . Seems like a nice chap and certainly knows how to handle a large group.

    Last wednesday the entire studio visited the site which is tucked away in a quiet canyon on top of an existing stream. By that I mean that when the current structures were built the stream was directed into an underground pipe that daylights on the other side of the site and fill was brought in as a base for the 3 structures and tennis court currently subsiding there.

    The triple lot site has roots in the local art community and is populated by a slew of what are nearly derelict sculptures, something of interest to me at least.

    Groups have been formed to cover areas like code research, regional analysis, geographical surveying, site modelling and graphic presentation. My background with modellig and CNC has me working with 12 others creating multiple scale models of the site in various materials.

    NewSchool currently lacks cnc and prototyping facilities so we are working with the local Heads On Fire FAB LAB , a satellite of the MIT Fab Lab Project.

    The FAB LAb concept is brilliant despite the fact that they beat me to the name I wanted to use for my furniture shop. Basically they put technology in the hands of commuities all over the globe.

    Worth a read.

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