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    By Alackrity
    Oct 21, '08 1:24 PM EST

    What do you say when it comes to the point where 10 people are standing there wondering how to proceed?

    A week was burned floundering with the topographic model despite the valiant efforts of our instructor Marcel. Overlapping surfaces and unworkable models were all that materialized in the large topo group and had no chance of being passed through to the mill.

    In the end we had help moving from the GIS data through to Rhino and all attended 2 Saturday morning sessions to get a bunch of Rhino newbies rolling. I've had some experience with Rhino previously but had no idea how to achieve this.

    Now I do.

    This morning groups were working at Fab Lab at 6am in an attempt to finish the small scale laser cut topos. Burning eyes and of course no coffee in the lab.

    Time shortages have left our large model group with no option but to drop the idea of Milling the large scale model in 3D which is a serious disappointment for me. Given more access to that setup I feel I could have made it happen, but Fab Lab is a community resource and as such our access is limited.

    estimated 24 hours of mill time for 3D means cutting the whole thing in 2D with the ShopBot if we can..... or a jigsaw if we must.

    Saturday at my place saw a few of us fabricating the base for the large scale model. 2" square tube mitred and burned into a cube with wheels on it.

    A morning of welding lessons and an afternoon of fabrication.

    With only a couple days left, and already worked through till 4:30am 2 nights in a row, I am cool with it. No worries mate.


    • difficultfix

      Right on Brer,

      Good choice in choosing Marcel S. as your instuctor he is by far one of the better instructors at newschool. I had him last year during the spring quarter. Marcel has a lot of knowledge and experience to share.

      as for Rhino...keep pushing rhino. Rhino has taken / saved me from many emergencies. I have used other softwares in the past (Maya, 3d Max,) but Rhino is by far the best suited for architecture with so many plugins (Rhinoscripting, grasshopper, tsplines, visualarq). Rhino also works great in combination with Revit. You could begin your design development in Rhino and finalize it in Revit Architecture.


      Oct 21, 08 4:33 pm

      Thanks, and I agree Marcel has tons to offer. He had high expectations for us and there was a period where it was looking to be a bit of a disappointment in our future.

      In the end, 2:30 today, some friends of mine in theater bailed us out and we spent the last 6 hours abusing their ShopBot.

      Work Tomorrow, tonight Disco.

      Well not really disco, more like Preservation homework, Theory paper and timetable for Design Clinic.!

      Oct 22, 08 2:10 am

      I sure hope that base is on wheels

      Oct 22, 08 3:23 am

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