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    musical chairs

    By Alackrity
    Oct 14, '08 1:07 PM EST

    Its a new year. This one (blog) is a document of an experience at NewSchool if I can keep up. Already a week out of the starting gate I'm seeing things looking better on all levels.

    I've read sideways comments about the place here on archinect and If we were face to face I might just say whatever and ignore it. No sense defending what is an average reputation, and if I had to frame my past experience there as an object or item I would submit this chair.

    Practical, durable and somewhat comfortable but collapses easily if you lean back in it.

    As we left for break a few weeks back everyone knew the school was under new ownership. On our return to the studio the effects of this change of ownership were recognized immediately as the scent of VOC's and carpet glue. A Mac Lab and third PC studio were also installed complete with high functioning AC, and a much needed expansion of the library.

    Out of curiosity I attended the NewSchool Convocation at the Post Modern Horton Plaza Center. There were no free drinks. There was a fair amount of speaking done by the new owners, the CEO of Laureate Education Inc., Paula Singer. She had her scarf and delivered a witty and immensely positive speech about the future of the school.

    Phrases that come to mind are,

    We care about the students.
    world class
    investment in the school
    state of the art tools
    global network of design programs
    cooking schools in Switzerland

    Global network of design programs and fabrication facilities I think are the two points that will produce major changes in the way the school functions and the work it produces.

    If the immediately visible changes are signs of the changes to come then I may have to upgrade my totem object above to something more appropriate. Something with legs, or maybe wheels.

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