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    Le Corbusier

    Oct 22, '08 8:34 AM EST

    "Le Corbusier was the sort of relentlessly rational intellectual that only France loves wholeheartedly, the logician who flies higher and higher in ever-decreasing concentric circles until, with one last, utterly inevitable induction, he disappears up his own fundamental aperture and emerges in the fourth dimension as a needle-thin umber bird."

    - Tom Wolfe From Bauhaus to Our House.

    The book is a small hyper-critical and sardonic 100 page easy-read regarding the history and role of architectural movements from 1920s-1970s (Bauhaus, International Style, Postmodernism, etc).

    Worth reading, takes two days.


    • Brilliant recommendation, I've always fancied Peter Blake's writing on Modernism...first one to really make me get it!

      Oct 22, 08 9:09 pm

      excellent passage. i'll have to look that one up...

      Oct 28, 08 2:56 pm

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