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    industrial inspiration

    Sep 10, '08 9:47 AM EST

    One of the main reasons I chose Halifax to study was for the proximity of the school to the shipping ports/enormous ships/train yards/refineries/large scale industry located along the edges of the harbour.

    Only a few minutes walk from the school of architecture, and a large inspiration to me.




      Does anyone know how to make the images fit the blog width? Please let me know.

      Sep 10, 08 9:52 am

      if you're uploading them directly to archinect's interface i'm pretty sure that you have to do it pre-upload... they should be 400 pixels wide...

      if you're linking from your flickr account (or somewhere else), you add "width=400" at the rear of the image post html code...

      Sep 10, 08 11:21 am
      Arnaud M.

      The simplest is to reformat them in photoshop at 400px wide. That's what I did when I posted on the blog.

      Sep 10, 08 12:29 pm

      Thank you for your instruction, I've got it under control now.

      Sep 10, 08 3:41 pm

      Newark, NJ where NJIT is located is in a similar situation- minutes from awesome infrastructure heaven. Port Newark, EWR, NJ Turnpike, the oil refinery (the name of which I don't know), Penn Station, etc. etc. People driving thru NJ often think these things lined up along the Turnpike are "ugly", but I absolutely love looking at their planned absurdity.

      Sep 11, 08 2:03 pm

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