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Aug '08 - Apr '09

  • Photos of Prince Edward Island (PEI)

    Apr 24, '09 8:44 AM EST

    We finished classes about a week ago, and we have three weeks before the summer semester starts, so I decided to go on an adventure to Prince Edward Island. Its the smallest province in Canada, there is more information here:


    View full entry

  • Definition of "Corbrupted"

    Feb 18, '09 7:43 AM EST

    The society for a critical Corbusier education presents its inaugural poster. Please email to obtain large scale PDF for your own printing and distribution. View full entry

  • Photos of Halifax shipping port at night

    Oct 27, '08 7:57 AM EST

    The port is about a five minute walk from the school of architecture. View full entry

  • Le Corbusier

    Oct 22, '08 8:34 AM EST

    "Le Corbusier was the sort of relentlessly rational intellectual that only France loves wholeheartedly, the logician who flies higher and higher in ever-decreasing concentric circles until, with one last, utterly inevitable induction, he disappears up his own fundamental aperture and emerges in... View full entry

  • Project 1 - design a 20 square metre space

    Oct 11, '08 10:32 PM EST

    The assignment: Develop a space where one could go to write, meditate, and sleep, from spring until fall. Maximum 20 square metres (approx 225 square feet) of interior space. The site was an empty 100x100 lot in a flat field with no surrounding buildings, and no real location was given.My concept... View full entry

  • Photos of Dartmouth

    Oct 11, '08 2:41 PM EST

    Across the harbour from Halifax. View full entry

  • studio space at Dalhousie

    Sep 19, '08 3:39 PM EST

    There are 2.5 floors of studio space at the school arranged in a symmetrical "T" shaped plan. The central studio area of the "T" includes two floors, each with a mezzanine, that overlooks the main critique/presentation space below on the main floor. There are several openings [to below] between... View full entry

  • Is there a word for...

    Sep 17, '08 3:53 PM EST

    Is there a word for a plan (site plan, building plan, neighbourhood plan, etc.) that looks good as a plan (on paper, on the wall, nice to look at), but when implemented in real life - three dimensions - it does not work? I am talking especially about projects that are based on the plan (for... View full entry

  • images of Halifax [2]

    Sep 15, '08 12:55 PM EST

  • images of Halifax

    Sep 13, '08 10:46 AM EST

  • industrial inspiration

    Sep 10, '08 9:47 AM EST

    One of the main reasons I chose Halifax to study was for the proximity of the school to the shipping ports/enormous ships/train yards/refineries/large scale industry located along the edges of the harbour. Only a few minutes walk from the school of architecture, and a large inspiration to me. View full entry

  • beaurocracy and learning (alternate title: bullshit and rage)

    Sep 9, '08 6:34 PM EST

    P R O G R A M | S T R U C T U R E At the Dalhousie School of Architecture there are two divisions: - Step one: The BEDS (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies) undergrad - 2 years continuous study, all courses are requisites to complete each following semester. - Step two: The M.Arch (Master of... View full entry

  • First week in Halifax & Orientation Week

    Sep 7, '08 3:34 PM EST

    Impressions from the first two weeks: T H E C I T Y - Halifax is incredibly vibrant. - People are kind and polite (they go outside to use cell phones! - this brings me renewed joy each day) - The hills provide excellent exercise and landscape inspiration, which I have yet to see be utilized as the... View full entry

  • Departure

    Aug 25, '08 7:22 AM EST

    I leave Toronto this morning for Halifax. My plane arrives at 2pm. I didn't sleep much lastnight, dreams of missing planes and beautiful slow motion runs though airports, my fingertips and limbs numb and tingling with anticipation while I lied in bed. I hadn't felt that since I was a kid trying to... View full entry

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