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    studio space at Dalhousie

    Sep 19, '08 3:39 PM EST

    There are 2.5 floors of studio space at the school arranged in a symmetrical "T" shaped plan. The central studio area of the "T" includes two floors, each with a mezzanine, that overlooks the main critique/presentation space below on the main floor. There are several openings [to below] between the old building & the newer renovated space as well - its an intricate well detailed arrangement. Glazing on the east, south, and west sides makes for incredible light in the space throughout the day (when its sunny!) The 3rd floor has a view to the harbour - that's where the 4th year students get desks.




    The sides/flanks of the studio include a [partial] upper floor area for extra desks. This affords the best of both worlds - wide open space in the centre studio - high ceilings, amazing light - and cozy upper/lower spaces within the side studios - warm wood everywhere, and operational windows for each desk.


    First year students (65 Total) are divided into 5 groups and we will be moved every 4 months. I am happy about this as we'll all get to try all of the different spaces.

    Within the studio there seems to be plenty of space for everyone, lots of extra desks - but there are about 50 second year students currently on "work term" for the next 4 months. We'll see what happens when we're all in the studio at the same time in January. From my count there are +/- 210 students total in the program.


    • liberty bell

      Moving every four months seems like a great idea - keeps you fresh and less territorial. Plus, modifications made to one desk will need to be themselves modified to work on another desk, a good site-specific project for a student!

      Sep 20, 08 8:35 pm

      Hiya. I'm a B4 on workterm. *waves from Amsterdam*


      Don't get too excited about moving every 4 months. It's a major pain in the ass (waiting for the student who's occupying the desk you're supposed to move to can cause lifelong rivalry--and has), not to mention hauling all your shit around. You will accumulate a lot. And then there's the fact that you become chummy with your first studio, and less so after that.

      Are you done 'room in the city' yet? I find it helps if you bring pastries from Gingerbread Haus by Sobeys. People may want to kill you after so much group work, but at least they'll remember you in a friendly sort of way.

      Operable windows, eh? Wait til the next hurricane hits... I know, I know, I'm doing the bitter second-year bubble burst.

      Moral of the story is... hang on to those illusions of organization and well-thought out studio schemes for as long as you're able. Because once you find out that they really are illusions, you'll see through the rest of Dal Architecture's hanging gardens of bullshit and you'll want to curl up under your desk and cry.


      or maybe it's just me.



      PS - Is Danny Goodz teaching Building Tech? If so, you have my deepest sympathy...

      Oct 6, 08 10:35 am

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