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    Tell me why.

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Nov 25, '05 10:20 PM EST

    I've decided I don't like November. First, last November 2nd Kerry lost and our country continued to march backwards until 2008 at least. Then a week later, my maternal grandfather passed away. And now, yesterday--on Thanksgiving no less--my paternal grandfather had to go to the hospital, where he is still with an infection that his doctors can't seem to pinpoint. It looks like I'll lose another grandfather this November, and it's just plain shitty. I wish there was something more to say, but that's basically it. I know this isn't architecture related, but it's on my mind for sure. He was on morphine when I went to visit today, but even as he lay there essentially dying, he asked each one of us how we were doing, and in his delirium wanted to find a more comfortable chair for my grandmother while she was there. We found out that he had liver cancer about a month ago and wouldn't have much time left, but one of my cousins is going to have a baby, which would be his first great-grandchild, in a couple of months, and it's just too bad he won't be around for that. The whole thing is just a damn shame. Fucking November.


    • Oana S.

      sorry about your grandpa! I miss my grandparents a lot(actually I met only one of them)!
      and november is probably the worst month...
      hope things will get better for you!

      Nov 26, 05 5:42 am

      Condolences mike.
      My mother wanted her kids and her friends to play volleyball with her urn. I think this was a plea for us to celebrate with a candid sense of humor her passing. Having the permission to celebrate her life helped heal enormously.
      Take care and time for yourself. Enormously.


      Nov 26, 05 7:27 pm

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