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    Classes cancelled, design charette

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Jan 24, '05 1:33 PM EST

    Well, Wentworth has cancelled classes for the first time since 1978 (according to legend). It's provided a nice extension on the deisgn charette which was due today. I'm curious as to how other classes are handling this and what amout of attention they're paying to it. I know for my group the day off will let us finish up some details that would otherwise be pretty minimally dealt with. In any event, I think this is a great project--not only would second year studios enhance the program, but the idea of allowing the students to actually design the space is an entirely new thing at Wentworth.

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    • chabotk

      actually, they cancelled classes a few years ago, and was that a blast! I'm looking forward to seeing which designs won the charette for the first and second year proposed studios. Though the students can take over a classroom now, it's not as good of an experience as it is being in an actual studio with lockable studio spaces. Hope your charette went well and that everything was ironed out; me, i made snow angels on my roof.

      Jan 30, 05 6:46 pm

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