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Mar '10 - Apr '11

  • housing houses

    By jace
    Apr 12, '11 7:28 PM EST

    This semester mandy johnson and I are making social housing in Allston village.
    We craft small houses then place them next to one-another. There are duplexes that jump over flats, duplexes that stack and town houses that shuffle together.
    image They are all designed for people with hobbies. Included within the volume of each unit is a flexible exterior room that provides the space for residents to practice their hobbies.
    One person likes to grow orchids and magnolia trees and another enjoys bamboo and bella palms.

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  • scandinavia

    By jace
    Sep 13, '10 11:51 AM EST

    stokholm/helsinki/turku/tallinn scandinavian travel. now in berlin. View full entry

  • Save the Pool

    By jace
    Aug 9, '10 9:22 AM EST Open letter to the Boston Landmarks Commission. Visiting... View full entry

  • 10 days?!

    By jace
    Apr 19, '10 12:20 AM EST

    Just dropping in. Textural patterning studies. Back to work. View full entry

  • Portfolio?

    By jace
    Apr 8, '10 1:30 AM EST

    That elusive little gem I expose only to my closest friends and potential employers. My Portfolio, so personal, yet so public. How does one go about crafting one? Apparently a lot of people have this question. I thought I would post an excerpt from an electronic interview I took part in that is... View full entry

  • WAr

    By jace
    Mar 31, '10 10:27 PM EST

    “What exactly do you do here?”words by Jason Skibo Well, we color a lot. We provide visual stimulation, on 11x17 at a time. We rotate virtual models for hours. We draw with a mouse and a keyboard. We photograph. We design t-shirts, magazines and websites. We learn how to talk so no one... View full entry

  • Funerary Chapel + Memorial Garden Competition

    By jace
    Mar 23, '10 2:27 PM EST

    In my experience, competition within architecture school is a relatively unspoken, but extremely strong undercurrent. I believe the constructive/destructive dichotomy inherent within competition is essential in an area of study in which criticism is so highly valued. With that said, competition is... View full entry

  • WAC in Chicago

    By jace
    Mar 13, '10 8:14 PM EST

    Twenty one students, two professors and I went to chicago. The scale of the city immediately makes me realize how Boston is truly a European city. It shows what a blank slate, waterfront, and endless space can materialize into. A little bit of planning and a strong architectural fetish yield a... View full entry

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