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    Portfolios for 5-year due March 18

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Feb 27, '05 11:39 AM EST

    In just a few short weeks, my (and 75-150 other applicants') portfolios for entry into the five-year BArch program will be due. It's a little intimidating thinking about how much rests on this one design project basically, I'm not gonna lie. That having been said, I'm really quite excited about it. I've decided to put off the actual process of putting it together for over Spring Break when I'll have a lot more time, but I've got some ideas of what I'd like to do. I do appreciate that they've left it so open-ended so that it shows a bit more about the person creating it. As I said it's a bit intimidating, but it's also very exciting--this is my chance to really become an architect, which is what I've always wanted. All in all, I feel pretty good about it. Good luck to everyone else applying (or to 49 of you at least). :-)


    • 150 people is all they're expecting? When I applied I'm pretty sure there was about 200+ portfolioes submitted. How times have changed!

      Mar 1, 05 4:58 pm

      good luck. Hopefully your portfolio will stand out and you'll make your program. Just for the record, I don't think over 200 portfolios were submitted when Pixelwhore applied to BARC. There were about 85 when I applied (last year)

      Mar 16, 05 7:51 pm

      Don't believe my girlfriend (who posted under my name - thats the last time I check archinect from her laptop), there were that many back in the day. Everyone applied to the 5 year, and the people who didn't make it ended up in 4 year. The department is a lot better at directing people in the right way now I believe, so there are less people. Plus now that Glenn is the department head the two programs have their own identity a lot more than when Sharon Matthews was the head.

      Mar 18, 05 9:56 am

      2 years ago there were about 80 people who applied I think. Glad to see that the nuimbers are goingup. Getting your letter in the summer is scary. Good luck!

      Apr 4, 05 9:52 pm

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