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    Michael Bellefeuille
    Sep 9, '06 8:40 PM EST

    It's been quite awhile since I've put anything up on here. I had a great summer working for a small office out in Newton and I met this great gal, and now I'm back in school, off to what seems so far to be a very good semester. I decided to post some images here, mostly signs and posters I've done for student government andf other things, but sort of my amateur (and sometimes not very good) graphic design. Some of these I'm more proud of than others, but I figured I'd just throw them up here to contribute and to see if anyone has any feedback.. this is something I'd like to improve on.

    a potential web banner for Wentworth Student Government's recycling campaign

    a 24x36" poster for Wentworth Student Government's recycling campaign

    another 24x36" poster for Wentworth Student Government's recycling campaign

    a potential Wentworth Student Government poster protesting the administrations recent implimentation of increasing draconian (and intentional exaggeration) regulations about drinking and smoking

    photo of harvard yard in january from the cover of my journals for my landscape and site planning course last semester

    cover of my latest contribution for the Archinect cd swap. The theme was "music to design to," which to me is music listened to usually late at night in studio

    and finally...

    no graphic design at all, just a photo I took of my dashboard about 3 1/2 years ago and found recently. It's a road rage deterrent.

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  • so long, frank lloyd wright

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Apr 29, '06 2:20 PM EST

    We just had our final crits wednesday, so other than tying up a few loose ends for classes and one final next week, I'm done for the semester. I feel pretty good about my project and how my crit went, but I almost shit my pants monday when my VectorWorks file with all my digital model and drawing... View full entry

  • trees swaying in the summer breeze, showing off their silver leaves

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Apr 24, '06 11:10 AM EST

    well the semester's really winding down.. today begins the last day of classes followed by finals next week, then the summer begins in earnest. I'm pretty excited for it. I enjoyed my studio this semester, but most of my other classes were not what I expected, except for my American Architecture... View full entry

  • On a bed of California stars I'd like to lay my weary bones tonight

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Apr 5, '06 3:07 AM EST

    Last semester I met this girl who was named after a Bob Dylan song, which I must say was quite appealing, and she was one of the most interesting people I've met since coming to Boston, as well as one of the beautiful, which she knows, and I saw her for the first time in a long time tonight and... View full entry

  • The weight of water

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Mar 4, '06 5:54 PM EST

    I just finished my first project of the semester, a pool pavilion in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston. It was a shorter project intended to be a precursor to the upcoming much larger natatorium project that we're just beginning work on for the same site. I approached the project initially... View full entry

  • A Silent Sigh

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Jan 8, '06 10:46 PM EST

    I've been back home in New Hampshire for the past three weeks, relaxing and working at the office where I interned this summer. I've been doing a lot of thinking as well. I feel somewhat torn with regard to architecture these days. I see two very different--perhaps opposing aspects of... View full entry

  • I've been known to walk at night where streetlights end and dark begins

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Dec 16, '05 1:36 AM EST

    well the semester is finally over and as an assignment for my computers in architecture class, I've developed an online portfolio. I hope to keep updating it from time to time, as well as filling in some blank spaces there currently. here are some (somewhat random) images too:my Nana gave me some... View full entry

  • Come on up to the house

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Nov 27, '05 11:21 PM EST

    My grandfather passed early Saturday morning, and thinking of the ordeal he was about to experience with liver cancer and his already weak state, it might have been for the better at least. I'm obviously sad, but last night the whole family went out for dinner at the Athens Restaurant, some... View full entry

  • Tell me why.

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Nov 25, '05 10:20 PM EST

    I've decided I don't like November. First, last November 2nd Kerry lost and our country continued to march backwards until 2008 at least. Then a week later, my maternal grandfather passed away. And now, yesterday--on Thanksgiving no less--my paternal grandfather had to go to the hospital, where he... View full entry

  • Finally some new construction in Manchester not clad in brick!

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Nov 16, '05 10:18 PM EST

    I was home a couple of weekends ago for a memorial service and decided to go downtown one night to get a coffee and take some pictures. In addition to photographing some of Manchester's numerous municipal parking garages (why can't Boston have any of those?), which were great for studying concrete... View full entry

  • The leaves that are green turn to brown

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Oct 27, '05 3:36 PM EST

    I went home briefly last weekend took this pictures of the Bedford Center Cemetery in Bedford, New Hampshire. It's a really beautiful old cemetery in the town center that was done over in the garden cemetery style sometime in the 19th century. It's the only rural garden cemetery I know of. View full entry

  • another brick in the (urban) wall

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Oct 27, '05 12:56 PM EST

    I just wanted to respond to Steven Ward and Pixelwhore's posts, which I do appreciate. It's interesting that none of the four professors I've got now thanks to this ridiculous rotating thing have really brought up the urban wall topic. One of my past professors was very big on the urban wall and... View full entry

  • powder blue

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Oct 25, '05 1:56 PM EST

    Here, finally, are some images of my project. There are some photos of a partially complete basswood model I built of it, some images of the model with the vertical circulation band--which is still pretty conceptual at this point--done in Photoshop, and some images of the computer model I built... View full entry

  • crazy little mama come knockin at my front door

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Oct 21, '05 7:05 PM EST

    I talked with my old professor, Sue, on wednesday about my design for this museum of sustainable construction technology and of course the first thing she asked me was what my concept was. Suddenly I realized that I didn't have a cohesive concept. I had a lot of things I wanted to accomplish with... View full entry

  • heroes and villains

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Oct 15, '05 6:35 PM EST

    I just thought I'd post a letter-to-the-editor that I submitted to the Bedford (NH) Journal a few weeks ago as a response to a number of responses to an earlier letter. The initial letter was submitted by a local couple, the Zitos. Mrs. Zito is a prominent community activist and a rare Democrat in... View full entry

  • old projects 002: Boston Book Archives + wsgBLT

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Oct 12, '05 10:52 PM EST

    wsgBLT One of the clubs I'm involved with at school is the student government, WSG, which is considering putting a freestanding bulleting board in the lobby of Beatty Hall on campus. The idea for a freestanding board is based on the fact that few students take the time to look at the existing... View full entry

  • old projects 001: Mass Ave Bus Shelter

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Oct 5, '05 10:00 PM EST

    since I've got some free time tonight and to make up for making new posts so infrequently, I've decided to put up an old project every week or so. A lot of these are pretty sketchy, especially as far as anything using VectorWorks or Photoshop is concerned since I was really just getting to... View full entry

  • tried and true

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Oct 5, '05 2:09 PM EST

    holy crap! I saw ween in Burlington, Vermont sunday night and it was amazing... I was in the front row, against the barricades, about four feet from Deaner! I probably could have snagged his beer if I had wanted to. it was seriously amazing. I also did a 20x20" painting of a boognish for over the... View full entry

  • some projects from work this summer.

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Aug 25, '05 10:41 AM EST

    well today is my second to last day working at a small office in Manchester, NH.. Dennis Mires, PA. It's been a lot of fun and my first experience working in the field. They've all been great here and I've learned a lot. I've even had a few small things built (notably, a canopy at St Paul's School... View full entry

  • some recent posts on the forums pages...

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Aug 24, '05 9:24 AM EST

    Well, I always forget to make new entries here, but I love to post on the forum pages when I'm "working," so here are a few posts. Check out the actual discussions to get the context and other points of view. I'd love to get some feedback too...on the state of politics from Cindy "I don't respsect... View full entry

  • Life's been good to me so far.

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Jun 10, '05 10:03 AM EST

    Well this summer has been real good to me so far. I got into the 5-year BArch program, so I'm really quite psyched about that. And as I expected, my two roommates also got in, so that's great as well. I also got a fellowship from PlanNH, a multi-professional organization whose mission is to... View full entry

  • portfolios done, semester winding down

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Apr 5, '05 1:17 PM EST

    Well, my portfolio and second of three major design projects for the semester are done. The semester is winding down real quickly now and it's finally getting warm out. I can't wait for the summer and to get back to New Hampshire. The city is great and all (especially for school), but it's really... View full entry

  • Portfolios for 5-year due March 18

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Feb 27, '05 11:39 AM EST

    In just a few short weeks, my (and 75-150 other applicants') portfolios for entry into the five-year BArch program will be due. It's a little intimidating thinking about how much rests on this one design project basically, I'm not gonna lie. That having been said, I'm really quite excited about... View full entry

  • Finally, a good lecture

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Feb 9, '05 11:02 PM EST

    The Materials and Methods II lecture this semester has made me think that perhaps Wentworth has finally nailed down the lecture thing. The past three lectures I've had have been less than informative or interesting. It's good to see that a good lecture does exist at Wentworth. View full entry

  • Classes cancelled, design charette

    Michael Bellefeuille
    Jan 24, '05 1:33 PM EST

    Well, Wentworth has cancelled classes for the first time since 1978 (according to legend). It's provided a nice extension on the deisgn charette which was due today. I'm curious as to how other classes are handling this and what amout of attention they're paying to it. I know for my group the day... View full entry

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