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    Bonfire Night

    Luis Edgardo Fraguada
    Nov 7, '05 11:55 AM EST

    So I recently had the pleasure of being in London during Bonfire Night - AKA Guy Fawkes Day. For those of you not too familiar and are curious go to
    I thought Americans were crazy about fireworks, but British folk light a crapload of fireworks.

    To commemorate this holiday, the AA has a personal fireworks show that pretty much breaks any and all fire code laws . . . brilliant! The AA Bedford Square building has a courtyard where some bigger models can be made, I believe this is where the fireworks were lit off. Hundreds of people gathered at the terrace and other outdoor landings. Brett Steele could be seen taking many pictures of the fiasco. It was quite a turnout. I don't think I have seen that many people crowd onto a build out terrace before!

    I also don't think I have ever had my face that close to flashing fireworks. A damn good show was seen by all, but I could not help but wonder, "aren't these fireworks landing near my feet dangerous?"

    Not to mention all of those people on a terrace . . . but hey, isn;t that what the AA is all about . . . pushing the limits? Sure it is! I could not help but feel damn excited be attending the AA . . . oh wait, I think that was delirium because I had only slept 3 hours the previous night to prepare for the workshop 2 presentation. More on that later!


    sorry fellas, I know I said I would not post this, but . . .


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