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Oct '05 - Jan '07

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    It's On . . .

    Luis Edgardo Fraguada
    Oct 7, '05 5:59 AM EST

    Deep Inside AADRL Studios on John St. . . .

    Yesterday we had our first introduction to the DRL. Yusuke Obuchi, Theodore Spyropoulos, and Tom Verbes gave short introductions and gave us a better idea of what this year's (and possibly subsequent years) agenda will be. Parametric Urbanism.

    --36 Bedford Square Lecture Hall--

    --DRL Phase 1 migrating over to John Street--

    We were also informed that we will be traveling to China. Wow. I guess since I have never touched foot on the Asian continent, you could say I am very excited. It isn't like I will be able to pick up a guide book and find my way around. No way. I think I will be totally lost, and that really excites me. The trip will be looking at the current developments in Beijing and Shanghai. Our three Chinese DRL students were not as excited as I was, but did offer their "tourguide" skills at a fraction of the cost because we were now all classmates. I can't help but wonder if their joke was actually not a joke at all. I wouldn't mind going as a tourguide to a place I know well. Although, I have played translator a few times, and I can tell you, it is not as fun as I thought it would be.

    --Settling in for the John Street introduction--

    Eventually we all went to 36 John Street where the graduate studios reside. Here we were given more information on the course agenda, as well as our first brief. It is a 5-day individual project to introduce our skillsets to one another. Probably the only individual project we will do, so I better enjoy it! The brief is to take one of four prescribed primitives (Polyhedra, Conic Surfaces, Taurus Rings, or Sticks), and create the tallest and longest cantilever structure we can make. There is more to the brief, but these are the basics of it. Simple enough, but it has a very interesting implications.

    We were then asked to find a space in the studios. Ok, so imagine you are Phase II of the DRL. These are the students that are on their final term of the DRL, working on completing thesis projects. They have had about two terms or so that the building has been theirs. Then you get 42 fresh smiling faces invading your work areas asking for desk space. Eventually I discovered some space within two teams. It is quiet right now, which surprises me.

    After this, it was off to the AA Bar at Bedford Square to get to know our course directors a bit better. Thanks for the beers Yusuke.

    --DRL at the bar . . . perhaps for the last time in a while--

    Oh, one more thing . . . At last count, the DRL this year has students from 18 countries. I will try and compile some better numbers, and put up a listing of the countries. I think this will make for some interesting collaborations.


    • badass japanese cookie

      good luck- sounds like an exciting year. I hope to be in London myself next fall.

      p.s.- do you know the poster TED? can you ask him/her to check his/her email?

      Oct 7, 05 11:21 am  · 

      Have a great time in China...while in Beijing (if you have time) try to visit Urbanus, it's an architecture and urban design firm with offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, and maybe NYC. The work is interesting, and their take on the city is worth a listen, especially in the case of Beijing. (You may need a translater for the website...)

      In Shanghai, go to Xintiandi for a drink, and to marvel at a result of China's version of Eminent Domain.

      Oct 7, 05 11:56 am  · 
      "I saw the magic of the place. It was amazing. There was laundry hanging everywhere, all these people, parents with kids, flying kites, the whole litany of human experience."

      Herein lies the issue: Xin Tian Di was once like the description above. Now it's a entertainment hotspot. The Chinese government forced the occupants out of it, relocating them to make room for the current situation...
      Oct 7, 05 12:19 pm  · 
      Luis Fraguada

      lateral, I have met TED. I will pass the message along.

      Oct 7, 05 1:59 pm  · 

      hey lateral - if that was you who sent me an email 23 sept - i did responde - let me know if you didnt get it and i will resend - havent gotten any mail lately [boo hoo!!]

      Oct 7, 05 2:26 pm  · 
      brian buchalski

      are there any schools out there that don't have studios going to china? it seems to be the latest must have.

      Oct 7, 05 3:07 pm  · 

      study abroad to China is the new black.

      Oct 7, 05 3:52 pm  · 

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