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    Big Models, Projects Review, and beyond . . .

    Luis Edgardo Fraguada
    Sep 6, '06 9:36 AM EST

    Most of this is not news at all, actually, in my mind, probably quite stale. But I thought I would kick things off for “Phase II” of the DRL with a trip down last term's final review. It was a doozy.

    Here you see two of my teammates leaning up the base for our site model . . . a 1:1500 of East London. The teammates are there for scale . . . meaning, this thing was a big f'er. Three teams shared the work.

    Layer 1: Road/Block/Building profiles etched and river cut.

    Buildings starting to be assembled

    Working with some cutting techniques as a way to evolve the unit aspect of our project. Deformable surface condition for adaptable housing spaces seems to be the way to go for now . . . how to implement . . .

    Trying those cutting techniques on a more urban scale for a continuous landscape->urban negotiation.

    The areas in which we are looking to initiate the project, pretty massive, and I am not sure this was the best decision to go so big seeing as there is pretty much nothing there, including that Thames Gateway bridge. At the moment, the site is pretty much clear, once it was Britain's largest gasworks.

    LST Presenting and getting comments from Alisa Andrasek, Ali Rahim, and other wonderful jurors that I do not happen to have the list of at the moment. It was a good group of jurors, including a mix from Bartlett tutors (Marcos Cruz . . .) and AA (Brett Steele . . .).

    This concludes part one of this posting. What, a bit of a copout not talking about how we did? You are right. So how did we do, well. . . There were some truly brutal moments, let me just be honest. I think the work we did was presented decently, but the project was very fragmented, bits here, bits there. We had mixed reviews, some people felt there was a spirit and a catalogue of work that was exciting and robust. Others were not so kind. They did not tell us anything we did not already know (typical comment after a review), so the summer has been a critical view at how we can drive the project to discuss the issues of housing in London.

    Part two . . .

    Here we are after the review, on our way to see Andreas at Thirst Club. Andreas is a DRL student, and he tends bar on the weekends at thirst. Don't ask me how the guy does it, but it makes for a convenient place to rock out a bit after reviews. “How are we doing tonight ladies?”

    Projects Review getting warmed up. It got much, much busier than this! Is that terrace up to scruff to handle all that?

    Impressive pavilion built at Hooke Park by young AA students (damn, can't remember the year these guys were in).


    DRL room at the projects review. Everything that could go wrong pretty much did. Note to self, and anyone else working with 3D Voronoi, CONSIDER MATERIAL THICKNESS + PEPAKURA DESIGNER IS NOT AN APPLICATION TO BET YOUR LIFE ON. Sorry, had to get that out. After much fumbling, the thing came together. I worked mostly on the voronoi plinths and lit em all up.


    So that's how last term ended. From here on out, lets talk about the present. Peace out.

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