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    " the Native American Indians used every part of the buffalo..."

    Luis Edgardo Fraguada
    Apr 20, '06 11:51 AM EST

    I want to take a second out of writing this essay to share with you something I ran across a few seconds ago.

    747 House

    apparently old news to Archinect:
    On Archinect

    I find it very interesting whenever I see a piece of news which covers an architectural venture. Just the quality of the architecture is usually grandiose or just bizzare. At first I was really interested by the idea when I came across the headline. Woman plans to build house from 747 jet. SWEET! I thought to myself.

    I just hope we start to see some better renderings soon! Especially for the price tag. Oh and by the way, I do appreciate the whole using of recycled material, especially something like a 747, but the quote:

    It seemed to make more sense to acquire an entire airplane and to use as many of the components as possible, like the Native American Indians used every part of the buffalo David Hertz

    goes a bit far for me. It's nice, but its not as if the woman NEEDS a $2M home!


    • Elimelech

      Dude, it is either native americans or indians not both, i dont know why but seeing it like that freeks me out.

      Apr 20, 06 4:42 pm  · 
      Luis Fraguada

      Its a quote, from the architect, he is the one that said it . . . hence the reason that the article jumped out at me, and why I posted it. It freaks me out to see it that way as well, and to even attempt at making a connection to how he will use the 747 to how Native Americans used the buffalo. It goes beyond being oversensitive to the issue, it is just plain weird!

      Apr 20, 06 4:59 pm  · 

      hahaha heeheeehee hohoho those crazy architects...

      I think it could be quite good though...I wonder if it would get into AR if it was done well enough? the Delight section perhaps...

      Apr 22, 06 7:49 am  · 

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