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    The models are starting to get angry . . .

    Luis Edgardo Fraguada
    Jan 9, '07 7:23 PM EST

    (abs((Today) - (Final Jury))) = 16 Days


    • Eduardo

      god scared ths hit outta me! the "fibrosity" looks cool, what is it for? growing space?

      Jan 10, 07 4:26 am  · 
      Luis Fraguada

      It's a model to describe how this living unit is deployed. Modeled by my teammate Shu-Hao Wu. The model is run by by an ardurino board that is connected to a computer and a servo. We can send messages to the ardutino board that tells the servo how far to rotate, and thus how much the unit opens or closes. He added the teeth and post-it note tounge for shits n giggles.

      Jan 10, 07 5:05 am  · 
      liberty bell

      I love this post tiel - everytime I read "The models are getting angry" I picture a bunch of stick-thin supermodels gnashing their teeth and waving their toothpick arms as they surge forward en masse on 4" heels into the pastry shop.

      Jan 10, 07 8:55 pm  · 
      Luis Fraguada

      ha, nice image!

      Jan 12, 07 5:53 pm  · 
      sporadic supernova

      ha ha ... when did you do that ? .. shit !! you gotta show this to me . thats freaking funny ..

      nice to see you back man,...

      Jan 14, 07 12:34 pm  · 

      lol liberty

      Jan 20, 07 12:12 pm  · 

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