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Oct '05 - Jan '07

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    Hello brand new friends!

    Luis Edgardo Fraguada
    Oct 15, '05 1:04 PM EST

    The DRL Phase I has completed workshop #1 and made the quick but important decision to form teams. It took about 15 minutes to sort out the teams that will ideally be together for the next 16 months. Seems pretty nuts really. A little background for you all, my friend Brian also got into the DRL. Brian and I have known each other for about 5-6 years. We did our undergraduate together in Colorado, and have also collaborated on a few competitions. Add to that that we are currently flatmates, it would seem that perhaps we should consider being on a team. This was a tough choice, but really, wouldn't we learn more from creating a team with the other 40 people who we have never met? We decided not to be on the same team.

    I am on a team with Nantapon and Yoshimasa, from Bangkok and Tokyo respectively. We have been camped out in the same room for about a week, and saw each other work through workshop 1. Since we also have a pretty sweet space, we decided to make a team. The first thing we did as a group is to create a bounded document comparing and contrasting our workshop 1 projects. This was not too bad actually, except that it had to be at least 15 pages of critical analysis, and was due in a day. But enough of this stuff, lets see some pictures!
    --The 2007 DRL Students waiting for the first Design as Research seminar to begin.

    --DRL Phase I studying an experiment from Phase II Team presentation.

    --DRL Phase II Presentation.

    --My workshop 1 units . . . polyhedra . . . I am supposed to make a cantilever with these.

    --My component system . . . ACDC

    --Cantilevering study model . . . my teamate Yoshimasa in the background.

    --my cantilever system slapped onto a piece of london street paving.

    --DRL Phase I workshop 1 presentations . . . who's got the biggest . . .?

    --Kristoff presenting his twisting polyhedra system.

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    • fongi

      finally, some from the AA is part of the school blog project! cheers!!! good luck on your 16-month journey to design superstardom!!!

      Oct 20, 05 5:55 am  · 

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