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    architecture - 3 options...

    By yelodayze
    Mar 13, '05 11:32 AM EST

    so we have one week till springbreak and i can't wait. as much as having a break is fabulous i still love architecture. one day and i go stir crazy. i guess it is a good opportunity to clean up my resume and start looking for internships for the summer. A question? my old firm called and proposed that i work for them this summer where i know i would get a good amount of responsibility and learn. the dilema i want to find an internship in a place where i might be more interested in their design knowing that i might not get as much out of the job. any suggestions out there?

    my second curiosity: why do people go to grad school if they do not really want to be there? i do not understand. it is quite intriguing to see and understand the dynamics of how people feel in graduate school based on their previous experiences. as with most schools we have three types of people. the most obvious are the ones who went to school for architecture undergraduate worked for a while and then came back to graduate school with two intentions: wanting to get back into designing and of course getting licensed. then there are the people who went to undergraduate architecture school and continued directly onto graduate school. lastly there are those people who did not study architecture undergraduate and chose the path of architecture and are completeing three years of graduate school. i guess what i have a hard time understanding why spend so much time in school if you aren't happy doing it. everyone knows the nature of architecture so if you do not like it then don't do it. i will never undersand the people who just do things to get them over with as opposed to doing them well and being happy while doing it.....

    anyhow so this semester we hare working on the longspan and we are designing a skate park. this semester has been all about sketch models/midterm model check them out...


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    • Paulina

      you break it down to 3 "options" and then you make a general statement not relevant to any reason why you felt to break it down like that.. i mean what is the connection per each option then? im curious especially since im taking such a "non traditional" route so to speak.... what is the connection between how someone feels in graduate school and their background? isnt this a bit of a pigeonhole? and how fair is it?

      just some questions i gathered from reading your post.


      Apr 7, 05 6:01 pm  · 

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