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    images....last semester

    By yelodayze
    Feb 16, '05 3:44 PM EST

    here are a few images...

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    • philster20

      Hey Angana

      Its great to see someone from UIC write and present stuff here..You were talking about why people are in grad school if they dont like to be? You will sadly understand that only when you get out of school. If you have already intern'ing at an office then you probably know a bit, how different the academic and professional experiences can be. Nice copper works and nice 'studio' work. Try presenting that to a client. Either you gotta be from Gehry;s office or you are gonna be really stupid!!

      Glad to know you still havent 'lost it' . I was in the 'sub' for an year and it was enough for me. I never worked so hard in my life. I was happy but when i joined a firm, i wondered why did i even join grad school. You realize the only purpose of grad school from a purely generalistic point of view is "to get a job" ...there possibly cant be a more important reason!! If you studied in India and came to grad school at UIC , like me..then you need M.Arch to get a job.

      Anyway..keep up the good work..which studio are you in..?


      Apr 5, 05 4:48 pm  · 

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