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    copper panel

    By yelodayze
    Feb 7, '05 9:36 PM EST

    So finally pin up last friday. it turned out all right. i think that my final product was good but it would have helped if i had shown the process a little bit more. always next time. i think the most exciting thing about copper is the patina so i chose to explore that. during the week i found out that copper sulfate and amonium chloride were the two main factors in which chemically changed the surface of copper. this is obviously the quick easy way to change the properties of the material. so i chose to take this in two directions i looked at it at a macro and a micro scale. i took this piece that i created and looked at it as cladding (elevation) vertically and as a site map (horizontally). If you look at the two sheets you can see that one is a cladding and the other is a form in which you are taking the piece and pulling it apart. each layer representing a different level.

    The object created was with three different textures of copper. The first was a solid but somewhat maleable. the second was a wire mesh a lot like cloth. the third a woven wire. what was really interesting was that when layered the textures and countours of the copper did not read very well, but when patina was applied it completely transformed the 6x6 into something completely different. my ideas was not to show movement through the contours of the copper form but rather the implication of the present as the water weaved its was to it and the future the pattern the patina created. In turn the patina creating a pattern based on gravity and the juxtaposition of the three layers of copper. It was also interested to see how much stronger the copper got when the three different pieces were combined. take a look let me know what you think...

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