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    By yelodayze
    Jan 29, '05 6:53 PM EST

    Material and Motion.
    Copper is the material of choice. Our assignment is to manipulate this material, understanding the properties and creating an aesthetic that can be applied to a 2500 square foot facade. any suggestions? more later....


    • Josh Russell

      check out the college of architecture and landscape architecture at the university of minnesota twin cities by steven holl or the type/variant house in northern wisconsin by vincent james. hope this helps.

      Jan 29, 05 6:57 pm  · 

      isn't h & de m's new museum in san francisco clad in copper? i think so, and they've done lots of interesting material manipulations with that. i think their latest el croquis shows alot of the process. sounds fun.

      Jan 30, 05 12:47 pm  · 
      david basulto

      check out alejandro aravena's math faculty. it's wrapped on cooper, due to its capability of "weathering" (there's a book about that, "on weathering", by moshen mostafavi). aravena talks about 2 "modern" ways of working: the faith in technology + white boxes of le corbusier, and the african masks, a more primitive way, started by mies: copper will turn black during time.
      other nice thing i've seen in studio projects, it's a big copper roof that turns into wall and wraps around concrete walls: water will take the copper oxid (green) to the concrete walls, giving it an interesting aging...
      so that's what i could say about copper: aging and weathering
      hope this helps :)
      (my country is like one of the biggest copper productors, but we dont get to use it that much)

      Jan 31, 05 1:40 pm  · 

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