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    More copper...

    By yelodayze
    Jan 31, '05 12:27 AM EST

    Thanks for the advice. The materials that I working with are three main different textures. Before I go on, here is an interesting story. The other day I went to Home Depot one of my favorite stores to 'play!' It is like being in a candy store. Anyhow I proceeded to walk in and walk from aisle to aisle on a mission to find as much copper as possible. Finally with supplies in hand I proceeded to find the first employee and ask him where I can find a torch or a sorder. He looks at me like... I am 5'-1" and look like I am about 16 so these reactions are always entertaining b/c usually they think I'm on a drug and have major metal issues. Always fun.

    Anyhow I have decided to take this multiple layer direction. I am going to imply the gutter downspout relationship to a buidling but rather creating this with horizontal surfaces. The flow will be created with punctures, curves, and other variation of the material. Then I am going to see how different liquids effect this material and what patterns that it may create.

    This image that I found is pretty amazing. It is obvious what it is but instantly you see the motion. There is also this notion of history. The layers almost create this earth (sediment) feeling. There is this implication of history. imageimage

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