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    free student labor...

    By yelodayze
    Sep 6, '04 3:26 PM EST

    two weeks have passed so quickly. our first week of school our professors propose an idea that our studio needs revamping, which in fact it did, but they tell us that our first saturday and sunday of school are going to be spent working in groups and redesigning and fixing things up. (oh and after doing labor on sunday they will treat us with some pizza, beer and a group bike ride to check out buildings in the city) with a small budget we decide on materials and colors and fixtures. so we are put into 4 groups with about 12 or so people. there is a vertical surface, horizontal surface, electrical, and construction group. certain tasks are alloted. nonetheless 45 students at about 12 hours a day. you do the math. i have never felt so much physical pain in my life. the outcome is amazing. the studio looks new, well not really but its a great space. check out the view from our studio. can't complain. remember the bike ride i mentioned well out of the 48 only three and our overly energetic professor (quite amazing) make it out on their bikes.

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