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    cliffs, groundscraper, stumps, canopy & flowers

    By Torrance Goh
    Mar 4, '05 8:29 AM EST

    i'm back again to tok more about the previous huge junk i blogged. bascially it's the masterplan for a new city campus we are now in. presently the campus is in the suburbs of singapore. pretty quiet. and totally dead (& serious) esp during weekends. as this is sorta masterplan exercise, we are jumping str to going into the public. here i mean presenting to people in the school, the students & the staff & get them to response to us & we response in return. no tutor crits! here's basically what we came out with....

    there are 2 main gestures to our proposed new city in the campus; that is The New Ground and The Big Shade. The New Ground to create an immense flat surface of activites that allows meeting, playing, anything. The Big Shade compliments that by providing a better environment for these activities to take place. both responds to the very nature of the hills & the weather in the school which we feel, will have to dealt with to create a new campus. a campus that will allow everyone to interact better.

    there are 5 main 'elements' that made up the masterplan. they are The Cliff, The Canopy, The Flower, The Groundscraper, and The Stump. all 5 Elements provide Choice of different housing types and makes The New Ground and The Big Shade. The Cliff provides housing that can be individualised & extend to make The New Ground. The Canopy makes The Big Shade with housing of shared spaces. shared everything. The Flower stands tall & have rooms with great view. They sunpower the masterplan too. These 3 Elements form the noisier central part of the masterplan with the activity ribbon. The Groundscraper slowly leads us outside like a snake with its corridor living. lastly, there are The Stumps which are the quietest of the masterplan. everyone living there owns a tree.

    the bottom shows each of these elements in 3s. they should b pretty obvious. the title of this entry gives hint to their order of appearance...

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