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    one down. one more to go

    By Torrance Goh
    Mar 5, '05 8:38 AM EST

    some of u might know... i am still working with alsop while doing this student stint. it's nice. to b able to stil b part of their creative team banging out the strangest stuff while being in school. here's a little update...

    i know u prob have seen this somewhere. IS. streats. life. (singaporean newspaper & mags) & more soon. there's a history to how all these came about. it started from jellyfishes to this after some Nparks (the local garden authority) disapproval. the lilypads were more daringly hanging out to the river... and these bluebells were imagined to be moving. made of carbonfibre. still i personally think they are v lovely how they all turned out. [with all respects to that old watercolour painter who hates them] but this is only a third done. all these lilypads & bluebells along the river. in fact the larger stuff are only just starting. piling. removing. planting.

    btw... all these are taken off my original blog here. more stuff of me life over there!

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      Admission deadlines for beachlor of architecture I am 12 gread student

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