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    they came they asked they are happy

    By Torrance Goh
    Mar 4, '05 8:45 AM EST

    ha! this public crit dated just after valentine's day. this entry's pretty late as well. sorry. jus too busy with so many things.

    for a jist of things. do read the previous entries. the masterplan was wellreceived. i have no pictures of me making my 'grand' appearance (ha!) but all went well i guess. many turned up. my dear fren xiuyan came though she was here for 2 weeks from her holidays away from london. there were law medicine all sorta students.

    the names of the elements we gave to parts of our masterplan made it easy for the public to understand wat we were toking about quickly. the other masterplans the group presented were harder to grasp & hence more confusion to the whole lot of density we are dealing with. the most amazing thing is that that kindly transcend the strange architecture of stuff we have in mind. many were amused and commented that the masterplan was a lovely crazy idea. they think it can be done somehow i assured them that matters of the structures should be left for us and the engineers (no civil engineering students in sight luckily :p). they should concentrate at the idea. all and all, we had a field day. thanks to those who turned up!

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