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    the shit has landed

    By Torrance Goh
    Feb 13, '05 10:14 AM EST

    ok this entry is supposed to go all the way to 5 feb.
    a saturday. we are part of the teams of 5.
    our objective: to present a masterplan 1stcut model on the city in our campus to be ready for a public crit.
    our audience: very normal people. doctors. lawyers. scientists. canteen aunty. not archiassholes which uses funny bombastic words that the everyday is getting frustrated with...

    (a little rewind.... since the postcard i posted last entry. we went our rounds. even had a public booth where we get people to envision our "i live here. it's a nice place. it has cinemas...blahblahblah. you can live here too" dream. no pics sadly though but yes, overwhelming responses! we are unsure where we are getting at but all these is becoming promising)

    since then, we got into 3 teams of 5, each suppose to come out with a grand idea. after a light snack and some mcdonalds breakfast, my team came out with their junk as u see. not bad for 3 hours of work. what the hell is it, u ask? later.....

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