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    By Torrance Goh
    Jan 30, '05 9:08 AM EST

    haven't been updating about school.
    health was not on my side the last week. but here's a little update.

    the last time i blogged about school was this oneweek workshop we had. we have moved on since then. [but of was eyons since i blogged]. being in kheng soon's studio, he has this idea that we should tackle the issues of housing within the school. but in a different way. the campus of the future, he feels, will (a) hold less knowledge since the digital age does it better with google (b) research less knowledge as corporate firms now undertake that in huge amounts too (c) teach less knowledge & skills as we realised there are more ways of learning the things u wan outside. (online course maybe). hence, he proposed a new campus of intense interaction! of much more people, public, cinemas, clubs, arthouses, anything goes so we dun have to get out of the campus at all! (currently, nus sits in a hill and is 1/2 hour away from the city in a car)

    on the other hand, kheng soon was fascinated by the idea of communal everything and convinced us how we can go to the public and convinced people how we feel about things and make things work for them. a sorta people power thingy. why leave the power of change to some few bigots sitting up there? can't the public decide? personally, i feel very much for all these knwoing how helpless we feel in this country sometimes. it's not how the country is really. it's just everything that makes u feel not needing to fight for. it's there. it's not perfect but we will live with it kinda attitude... owells, you really got to appreciate this chap (kheng soon). he's not young you know and he has all these 'stuff' to make things happen.

    in fact, we all got a little excited about things and got down to a series of things we wanted to do to make our housing masterplan in the school campus work by going public!

    below's our first work. postcards for the public on our dream.
    the city campus dream. we gonna march out and ask for responses.
    and have public crits and exhibitions. yes, our stuff might never happen, but at least we can show people they have the right to choose, say and hopefully they become people that tried hard for the everyday to be heard one day.

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