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    it's spring. i got a letter from archinect.

    By Torrance Goh
    Jan 25, '05 8:49 AM EST

    2 cards arrived today.

    the first one was a physical one. tucked in a pink envelope it carries a stamp with a silver head & a par avion blue sticker. the card is white. folded. & it's printed 'spring'. inside a cheque crossed to me. torrance goh. there are words... "in the rooster's waking hour". mixed between knowing spring is indeed coming in eversummer singapore. and so is chinese new year, the word 'spring' is 春 in chinese. a word used regularly as an emblem for chinese new year. it was signed.. gingermoj :)

    the 2nd letter came with a ding from my speakers. sent exactly on sunday 23.01.05 1.36 am & received a second later, it is titled 'ATTN: School Bloggers'. inside there is lines of perfect black on white. it details an acceptance to blog on this very page you now read & instructions on exactly how to do it so that everything will turn out perfect. it was signed 'Sincerely, Paul Petrunia'

    i was glad. school has already started. & this blog shall too. i should *wave* to jon at colombia gsapp. exclassmates. exhousemates. exwebmates. exworkmate. hmmm... good frens.

    a short introduction.
    i am torrance. i study at the national university of singapore. the master design course. i completed my bachelor here too. and went over to london for 2&half years. i worked at alsop while i was there & i am stil kinda doing it. i returned to singapore properly last august (i did come back sometimes due to work) & i went back to sschool while my contempories has already finish school & started working. i was in erik g. l'heureux studio last semester. & now i am in teng keng soon's.

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