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    Weekend in Texas

    By Reverb
    Oct 12, '04 11:13 PM EST

    I went to Dallas and Fort Worth this weekend with my Metaphysics class to visit Kahn's Kimbell Art Museum. We also went to Andos Modern Museum of Art in Fort Worth, the Nasher Sculpture Gallery (Dallas), and the Dallas Museum of Art.

    The Kimbell was an amazing space....the quality of light is unmatched. I have to say I was a bit disappointed with Ando's Modern....didn't seem to integrate with the site to well...the outdoor spaces left much to be desired, but the concrete work was pretty damn incredible. Downtown Dallas may have been one of the ugliest places I have visited...but the Nasher was a nice space with a nice collection.

    Other than that, the trip back was a big downer, it poured from 9:30 a.m. when we left Dallas until we finally got back to Manhattan at 9:00pm. Along the way, we almost skidded into what seemed like a 2,000 car pile up on I-35 and hydroplaned every ten or twenty minutes from there on out. The trip doesn't normally take 12 hours, but my spark plugs decided to go on strike in Wichita setting us back a few hours...that made me really happy. Oh, I forgot to mention, before leaving Dallas in the monsoon my back driver side window fell of the track leaving it open an inch or so the whole way back, i'm just glad I wasn't sitting in the backseat. That is the last time I volunteer to take my car on a road trip.

    as always, some images:

    bookstore in the kimbell

    entry sequence

    lighting device

    from the road, central kansas

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