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    Regents Approve Design of A. Alfred Taubman Wing

    By kbretzius
    Feb 8, '15 12:34 AM EST

    University of Michigan Regents approved the schematic design of the new Taubman College building addition - the A. Alfred Taubman Wing - at the December 18, 2014 Regents meeting.

    Exterior image of the new A. Alfred Taubman Wing from Bonisteel Boulevard.

    Preston Scott Cohen is the design architect for the wing. Cohen is Principal of Preston Scott Cohen Inc. and is the Chair of the Department of Architecture and the Gerald M. McCue Professor of Architecture at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. The architectural firm Integrated Design Solutions will work in conjunction with Preston Scott Cohen to design the project. Taubman College graduate Paul Stachowiak (B.S.'76, M.Arch.'77) is President of Integrated Design Solutions.

    A major new multi-purpose commons that will provide a central gathering place for all members of the community and acts as the "heart of the building" providing one large space for college-wide events. 

    When complete, the A. Alfred Taubman Wing will consist of 36,000 gross square feet and include new studio space, faculty offices, a new classroom, student support spaces and multipurpose space for the presentation of academic projects and for events.


    • The design is so simple and neat. Nice work

      Feb 8, 15 1:36 pm  · 

      I'd love to see a floor plan of this, to see more about how it interacts with the existing building.

      Feb 9, 15 1:58 pm  · 

      Donna, that's the problem it doesn't, you're a lady and I won't say but it starts with "cluster....." Where in the hell are hyphens? Gehry attached his free form to a our classical museum and it was appropriate and beautiful but was hyphenated. Renderings of a child.

      Mar 2, 15 10:35 pm  · 

      Donna, had to search for it, Miller Hull made more since of it with something the students could learn from & experiment with, an architectural classroom should be a laboratory not a museum... don't know if you know the existing, suffocating, probably should have been torn down, but this plays with it and breathes life into it.

      Mar 2, 15 11:03 pm  · 

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